Gel Powder Nails

Full Set $35 & up
Full Set with No-Chip Polish $40 & Up
Fill-in $30 & up
Fill in with No-Chip Polish $35 & Up

Natural Nail Services

Spa Manicure $15 

Basic service for those on the run. Includes nail cut & shaping, hydrating cuticle treatment, moisturizing hand and arm massage.

Collagen Manicure $27 

UV protective Collagen Gloves brings innovation to manicure treatment. Each glove is enriched with a blend of Argan oil, shea butter, and collagen-rich emulsion. The ultra-nutritious moisturizer penetrates the skin quickly to provide intense nourishing care. Includes 10 minutes extras massage

No-Chip - Spa Manicure $28 

No Chips! No Smudges! No Drying Time! We GUARANTEE our No-Chip Manicure to provide you with two weeks of flawless wear and color. If not, make an appointment with the nail technician who applied it and it will be fixed at no cost.

Dip Powder $45 & Up

One of the newest products on the market: Dip Powder is a healthy alternative to acrylics. Unlike nail polishes, Dip Powder nails become healthier with each application developing the strength they need without any of the harsh chemicals, odors or UV lights associated with Artificial Nails. Dip Powder is easily applied, is thin and lightweight and promotes stronger, healthier nails by adding five different vitamins and calcium.

No-Chip & Dip Powder Guarantee:

- A two-week guarantee is from the original date of application, not a date of any repairs.

- Color may not be changed as part of the guarantee service

- Appointments are to be made with an original technician for repairs under the guarantee

Gel X $45 

Hair & Color

Women’s Haircut & Style  
Blow Dry & Style  
Event’s Styling  
Base Color  
Base & Glaze  
Partial Highlights  
Full Highlights  
Balayage & Ombré  
Color Correction  

Eyelash Extensions

Group (Cluster)  
Lower Lasher  



Bottle water  
Cold bottle watet  
Hot water  
Hot tea  
Hot jasmine tea  
Hot black tea  
Hot green tea  
Hot peach tea  
Hot Vietnamese coffee  
Hot Moca  
Ice jasmine tea  
Ice green tea  
Ice black tea  
Ice Vietnamese coffee  
Special chocolate for customer's birthday  

Acrylic Powder Nails

Full Set $35 & up
Full Set with No-Chip Polish $40 & Up
Fill-in $30 & up
Fill in with No-Chip Polish $30 & Up

Pink & White Powder Nails

Full Set $50 & up
Fill-in, Pink & White $45 & up
Fill-in, Pink only $30 & up
Full Set - Pink & White with Ombre $50 & Up
Fill-in Pink & White with Ombre $50 


Spa Pedicure $20 

Get your feet back in shape - we’ll take care of your toenails, cuticles and gently remove the rough, dry, callused skin. Service ends with a lower leg and foot massage and a polish of your choice. 

No-chip, Spa Pedicure $35 & Up

A Spa Pedicure but with No-Chip Polish

Deluxe Pedicure $38 

Lemon Glowing Sea Salt and Masque; extended lotion massage with a hot towel wrap. 

Day Spop Pedicure $50 

Sea Salt Detox Soak; exfoliating sugar scrub; hot wine oil treatment to moisturizer ; massage cream to hydrate and smooth. All organic ingredients in eleven different scents.

Include $15 minutes massage

Lavender & Jojoba $45 

Lavender & Jojoba Sea Salt and Hot wine oil treatment to moisturizer; extended lotion massage with a hot towel wrap; and a paraffin foot wax 

Include 10 extras minutes massage

Mani & Pedi Combo

Ladies Combo $35 & up
Gentlemens Combo $35 & up
Teenager Combo $35 & up
Little Princess Combo $30 & up

Includes two Designs

Kid Combo $27 & up

Little Princess

Manicure $12 

( Include two Designs )

Pedicure $20 

( Include two Designs )

Polish Change-Hands $8 

( Include two Designs )

Polish Change-Feet $8 

( Include two Designs )


Brow Clean up $8 
Eyebrow Shape $10 & up
Upper Lip $5 
Brow Clean up + Lip $13 & up
Chin $8 
Cheek $10 
Brow Clean Up + Lip + Chin $25 
Full Face $25 & Up
Hairline $10 
Sideburn Clean up $8 
Chin & Cheek $15 
Half Arm $25 & up
Full Arm $35 & up
Under Arm $15 
Half Leg $30 & up
Full Leg $45 & up
Bikini $25 & up
Full Leg & Bikini $75 & up
Brazilian $50 & up
Neck $15 
Stomach $30 & up
Back $40 & up
Chest $40 & up